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How Can You Help?

Our Team Of  Parent & Teacher Volunteers Are Dedicated To Raising Funds For The School All Year Round. We Have Come Up With Consistent & Innovative Ways to Raise Funds & Are Always Open To New  Ideas To Ensure Our Children Have The Best Equipment & Tools To Assist With Their Future. 

We are grateful for your support at our events, but we also need volunteers! We welcome whatever time you can contribute – helping at one of our Cake Bakes or Second Hand Uniform sales, marketing or content expertise or if you fancy getting more involved you can volunteer to join our Committee, attend meetings and be part of our decision making body.

Any time or skills you can share will be greatly appreciated.

If you would simply like to make a monetary donation, click here.


Our thanks to you!

None of this would be possible without the generous support of parents, teachers, family and friends.  We are grateful for your time, ideas, expertise and money! We appreciate our class representatives, our  committee members, teachers and all of our parents who willingly donate their time to help OAFS operate.  Thank you all for supporting our children and nurturing our school community. 

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Need personalised name stamps or labels?

Stamptastic is a great place to shop

but also help fundraise for free!



Did you know that when you buy anything online – you could be raising free donations for OAFS with easyfundraising.

Spread the Word

Oakfield would love for you to spread the word about the school to your friends, neighbours and  other families so we can spread the word about all the wonderful things that go on at Oakfield and expand  our community.  

Here are just a few other small ways you can help out: 

1) Follow @oakfieldprep on their social media channels ( Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube)

2) Like, retweet and share their social media posts and weekly newsletters 

3) When you post something school-related feel free to include the social media handle @oakfieldprep and the hashtags #OakfieldPrep and #WorldOfOpportunity 

4) Review the school on Google and other platforms 

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