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Need personalised name stamps? Looking for fabric pens? Kids labels or stamps?  

a great place to shop but also help fundraise for free! 

Every time an order is placed for a Name Labels Deluxe Bundle with your PTA code -  SE218HP  the customer receives a FREE white fabric pen (worth £4.99) and your PTA receives 15% commission on the whole order (less VAT). It's that simple and easy! Imagine how much we can raise for our children. are thrilled to support PTAs and in 2019 PTAs raised just under £9,000 commission with them.

Add this to the 470 fundraising vouchers worth over £10,000.

In total they gave a HUGE £19,000 to PTAs (in just one year....)

50 PTAs raised over £50 in commission and were all entered into a draw to win £500 Stamptastic Vouchers!

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