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What OAFS Do

OAFS is a charity run by a committee of volunteers, the membership of which is open to friends, family and teachers of children who attend or have attended Oakfield Preparatory School.

We aim to strengthen our school community by providing additional facilities and organising events for the children, parents and teachers at Oakfield.  OAFS provide ‘cherry on top’ items for the school community that would not be within the normal scope
of the school’s budget.

Funds are raised primarily through a variety of social events during the school year, as well as the coordination of annual charity Christmas cards, second hand uniform and cakes sales.  This fundraising allows us to provide items such as playground equipment, specialist tools to enrich teaching in the classroom and the lease of the school minibus.

We also run smaller events, targeting pupils in specific year groups, allowing the children to spend time with their friends outside the classroom and enjoy an experience with them such as a story time, a film night or a disco. These events are run at a minimal cost to the parents and hopefully maximum enjoyment of the children!

Finally, committee members also give their time to support school Open Days and welcoming Coffee Mornings for new parents.

Chair: Caroline Collins

Secretary: Sarah Leach

Treasurer: Vicky Freestone


Tshay Adjei - Abbie Smith  - Anna Onura - Caroline Brown - Stephanie Atkins - Sue De Souza - Lauren Douglas  - Yael Gerson

Becky Humphreys-Elvis - Suzanne Parish - Sarah Campbell - Kay Templeton - Ruth Campbell - Paula ODonnell - Stefania Braccini 

Kerry Langlois - Eleni Veli-Richards - Anna Wetherell - Nneka Lawson - Michelle Webb

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Oakfield Association Of Friends
Giving Our Children & Teachers More!

A Dedicated Team of Volunteers

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